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Your clubs own 'Excellence' program

For players who are only registered to the participating club this program will take the players and club to another level. Following the curriculum that Tosh devised and implemented during his time at Everton FC. A proven curriculum numerous clubs and associations around the world have followed.  Some feedback 

Hiya Tosh. Our Saturday team topped our group in the U10 Plate comp. 3 wins from 3, 9 points from 9, 3 clean sheets. 6 out of 10 players within our team attend your SFX programme. The skills they’ve developed in your sessions each Tuesday have no doubt helped them in this fantastic run of games.Just wanted to thank you for your work with our team.


Do you have players who need to be challenged more at practice?

Then why not have one of the worlds most highly regarded youth coaches deliver the program at your clubs facility, or have the player(s) attend one of our SFX centre's 

U11 parent Liv has been attending SFX , she has thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much, applying what she has learnt on the pitch.


Availability is Limited So Hurry!

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*Your payment of £16 monthly is for 4 sessions. If for any reason you are unable to attend, a credit for any missed sessions of £4 will be applied to following month. Refunds will be made regarding any overpayments or unused credits. Although not our preferred method, as collecting money cuts into session time, you can pay £4 cash on the night.