Development Programs

Tosh Farrell Soccer Strive for Excellence and Development Programs offer players of all ages and ability a variety of programs designed specifically to help them maximize their playing potential.
Crosby Stuart SFX
Each session is led by Tosh Farrell or one of his highly qualified colleagues and will deliver the hands on training that participants in Tosh Farrell Soccer programs have come to expect.
Crosby Stuart JFC in Association with Tosh Farrell Soccer
Strive for Excellence Program:Starting Wednesday September 28-2016 at:
Northern Club Elm Ave, Liverpool L23.
PROGRAM IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO PLAYERS REGISTERED TO PLAY FOR CROSBY STUART for 2016/17 SEASON. FOR FAQ's CLICK ON THE ATTACHED LINK  crosby-stuart-junior-foot-club-in-association-with-tosh-farrell-soccer-faqs  
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