Soccer Club

Tosh Farrell Soccer Club is a developmental program based on Tosh’s proven Soccer Methodology, and is designed to maximize your child’s soccer potential in an environment that is safe, enjoyable and educational, and allows participating students and coaches to progress naturally. The program’s foundation is built on a holistic ages and stages curriculum that exposes players to every aspect of player development including diet and nutrition, technique, speed, agility and game understanding. Additionally, the program utilizes a long-term player development strategy that ensures players are taught the physical, mental and social skills needed to succeed in sport and in life.
Club Programs
Click HERE or visit our “Programs” page to learn more about the specific club programs available for boy and girl players U7 – U18.

Game Schedules
Please click on the links below to view current season schedules.  Be sure to check back often as schedules often change.
Current Schedules

Parental Involvement
An important piece of a player’s development is parental involvement. During the year there will be player assessment forms delivered to parents and players designed to make sure that the players, parents and coaches are aligned with the player's development.  

Latest Technological Advances
The club program utilizes the latest in technology to help provide feedback to players and coaches. The program sessions and match play will be recorded using the latest technology, which will be analyzed and edited in a series of individual and/or group class room presentations discussed with the player or players to improve performance.

TFS Club Player Registration Details 2014-15.
For more information about the Tosh Farrell Soccer Club contact us at
Club Information
The Club Program is currently open to players between the ages of 9-18. Each year, the program will extend the age band until the age group years carry through to 18 years of age. For players ages 7-8, Tosh offers an Active8 program.For more information or to sign up for the program contact us at
Activ8 – Early Age Soccer Training
The Active8 Soccer Program is for players between the ages of 7 and 8, and provides introduction to fundamental foot movement, developing speed, balance and coordination. Additionally the program will introduce the players to social skills and help them to work together as a team through a number of challenging age specific activities.For more information or to sign up for the program contact us at


  • I have a son/daughter aged 7 or 8 what is available for them? Our Activ8 program would be the ideal program for this age group as we introduce physical literacy to the players (a must for all sports) and a softer approach to learning soccer
  • Why don't you have a program for 16-18 years old players now? The program is built on a methodology which needs to be learned at the early levels and carried through to the older player years
  • When are tryouts?The Activ8 Program is by invitation only. For additional information, contact
Training Schedule & FAQs
The Club Program runs over a 36 week period (August – June) and is separated into 3 distinct seasons:
  1. Fall Season runs from end of August to mid-November
  2. Winter Season run from end of November to mid-March
  3. Spring Season runs April to June
Each week there will be two training sessions held at the Tosh Farrell Development Center indoor facility (16 South Hunt Road Amesbury) in Amesbury, Massachusetts, and during the Fall and Spring seasons, all Seacoast League home games are played on Sunday at Amesbury Sports Park. For an up-to-date listing of training schedules please visit the Events Calendar page.


  • How long are the coaching sessions? And what days do players train?Sessions will last a minimum of one hour. Differing from other programs, Tosh’s methodology relies on an up-tempo style that players will find demanding and rewarding
  • Where is the training held?At the indoor Tosh Farrell Soccer Development Center in Amesbury, Massachusetts.
  • Where will the league games be played?Most home games will be played at Amesbury Sports Park, in Amesbury, Massachusetts
  • Will teams enter tournaments?Yes, but they will be selected and in-line with Tosh's development model. As the program develops, some tournaments entered may take place abroad.
  • Can my son or daughter play in his/her town league as well?Yes
  • What is the Tosh Farrell Soccer philosophy on winning?Yes, of course winning is important and creating a winning sports mentality is a mental strength. However, it becomes more of a priority the older the player's become. Getting the balance right between development and winning at the appropriate age is something the program will be very much focused on.
  • Will the older players be exposed to college coaches?The program has an extensive network that he will use to expose players to a higher level.
  • How much does the program cost? For more information about the program cost, contact us at