Soccer Development

Tosh Farrell Soccer provides a developmental program based on proven Soccer Methodology, and is designed to maximize your child’s soccer potential in an environment that is safe, enjoyable and educational, and allows participating students to progress naturally. Keeping in step with the modern games demands,the program’s foundation is built on a holistic ages and stages curriculum that exposes players to every aspect of player development including technique, speed, agility and game understanding. Additionally, the program utilizes a long-term player development strategy that ensures players are taught the physical, mental and social skills needed to succeed.
Parental Involvement
An important piece of a player’s development is parental involvement. During the year there will be player assessment forms delivered to parents and players designed to make sure that the players, parents and coaches are aligned with the player's development.  

Latest Technological Advances
The club program utilizes technology to help provide feedback to players and coaches. The program sessions and match play maybe recorded, which will be analyzed and edited into a series of individual and/or group class room presentations discussed with the player or players to improve performance.

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